Half Time Stretching? Use a Foam Roller

Soccer is one of the most physically-demanding sports.  It requires a huge expenditure of strenuous exercise and it keeps you active all the time of duration of a match.  A typical soccer game gives a very short half time.  Some athletes even consider that this half-time is too short and does not really allow for a needed recovery.  At least given that each time is 45 minutes (plus injury time) long, this might be true for some athletes.

Being also a sport of contact, there are high chances that there will be pain from unwanted bruises caused by opponent’s kicks.

Because of all this, soccer players need to stretch out during the half-time.  This will help loosen up the muscle a little bit and allow it to recover prior to the second half of the game.  But if you, as a soccer player, need a fast recovery, you might want to consider using a foam roller.  This will bring you better benefits and will help you better harness those short fifteen minutes at the showers.

We must mention that you should actually foam roll before the game and after it is done.  However, a mid-game foam rolling will do wonders and get you better fit for the second half.

Why a foam roller

Experience has shown that foam rolling helps reduce stiffness and tightness in the muscles.  This is one condition you must get rid of before hitting the pit again.  As an added benefit, foam rolling increases flexibility, which in turn enhances mobility in soccer players.

Where to focus

There are specific rolling routines for soccer players that will help them better achieve this muscle loosening and a great massage where needed.  Technically, since the legs are the parts of the body that you use the most, these areas get sore due to muscle stiffness.  Rolling is basically resting your muscle over a foam roller.  You can actually get yourself a cheap foam roller with a surprisingly high quality.

Start by rolling your calves one at a time.  Sit and place one calf over the foam roller, lift up your upper body with your arms stretched a little bit to the back.  Roll up and down, at least twenty times.  Switch leg and repeat.

To roll the quads, lie down on one side with your thigh against the roller.  Roll up and down for at least twenty times and repeat with the other side.

Now, there really is no rule on what muscle should you roll.  As stated before, work any part of your body where your muscles feel sore.  It will be painful at the beginning but you will reap great benefits.  You will up and set for the next half.

Make it a routine

As a soccer player, you are fit and in constant motion.  Soccer training sessions involve strong exercise.  Right after you have finished your training routine, get yourself over a foam roller and get rid of those muscle sores.  You will notice how your performance is increased and you will see benefits in very little time.