Level Up Your Soccer Game Through Strength Training

Strength Training

Soccer is a physically demanding sport. It entails more than just being physically fit, you must develop the required strength, endurance and agility to defeat your opponents and prevail the game.  The primary thing that you should train for soccer  is body strength. This is essential because the upper and lower body’s aptitude is compulsory to play the sport.

Strength training for Soccer doesn’t require you to build muscles like body builders do. Huge muscles are heavy and can slow you down. According to renowned personal trainer Burnaby, moderation is the key here. You need to develop those muscles, just enough to give you strength to endure the physical challenge of the sport.

Ideally, there are 4 essential components of strength training for soccer. The following are:

  1. Basic Training

Like any other training, you must start with the basics. Keep in mind that a good foundation prepares you for a more intense workout.  This will prevent muscle, tendons and joint injuries and also helps you achieve your ideal weight for playing soccer. Furthermore, undergoing the basic program for strength training will prepare under used, neglected or underdeveloped muscles for a more vigorous training.

  1. Maximum Training

Now that you have prepared your body, it is time for you to undergo a more intense strength training. But, as mentioned earlier, you have to make sure not to gain big muscles because it will definitely slow you down during a soccer game. The best way to know how heavy and how many cycles you have to do is to have a thrive personal trainer guide you. A professional fitness expert knows how you can develop the muscular system without compromising the appropriate lean weight for the game.

  1. Muscular Endurance Training

To attain strength and endurance, experts advise to lift lighter weights, but with more cycles. One way to do this is circuit training. The idea is to stress the muscles as much as the physical demand  the game requires or maybe even more. This will allow the muscles or the body per se to develop the ability to endure high intensity activities involved in a rigorous sport such as soccer.

  1. Speed and Agility Training

Plyometrics Training

Notice that there are moments that some soccer player may not be able to apply the amount of force needed to kick a ball. The reason for this is they are unable to fully develop their muscles’ explosive power. In order to achieve this, a player must undergo plyometrics training. It is a routine where the muscles are stretched rapidly followed by immediate powerful contraction. Through this, the body’s agility and speed are evolved.

Strength training is very essential if you want to level up your game. An ultimate training program for soccer must include all 4 components. You have to develop your strength smartly and not drastically, otherwise you will expose yourself to a higher risk for injury. Take time and pay attention on each muscle. Train properly and train with the best fitness experts. Develop that explosive, powerful soccer body.